Your wallet is simple to use. You can easily buy or sell your cryptocurrencies.



Your portfolio allows a clear view of your business. The inventory of your acquisitions and their amount are presented in a clear and transparent manner.

In order to make you benefit from the best reading comfort, the platform offers you an option night vision or day of the screen. This feature that plays on the clarity and brightness of the screen, far from being a gadget, brings you a real comfort of reading.

Crypteo’s goal is to provide you with all the information you need at a glance:

  • Your credit balance in euros
  • The ranking of your virtual currencies
  • Their amount
  • The distribution of your portfolio according to the type of cryptocurrency.
  • Another interesting tool, you have clear access to the mining work done on cryptocurrencies. All information is directly available in one look.

Do you want to participate in the revolution and step into the future?