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The bitcoin revolution is on and will not stop. This universal virtual currency has turned the world of finance upside down. Backed by ultra-secure and tamper-proof technology, bitcoin has become the most powerful currency on the market.

Today, all over the world, the bitcoin model has become a reality. Its extraordinary progress has made millions of buyers happy.

Understanding bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

A new currency
A new lifestyle

Created in 2009, bitcoin is a universal currency, easily convertible and allowing to carry out your transactions in a reliable and anonymous way.

All crypto-currencies were created on a model identical or similar to bitcoin. You can today buy or sell crypto-currencies on our marketplace and enjoy all its advantages.

Simple and secure

Crypteo opted for simplicity and offers a very fluid ergonomics. Purchases and sales of bitcoin or other virtual currencies are fully secure. Simply create your account on our marketplace. Purchases can be made by credit card or bank transfer. From your wallet, you directly manage all your transactions.

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Perform all your transactions in real time from a fully secure marketplace.

Crypteo has created a highly secure marketplace.
Stay connected anywhere, anytime, at our marketplace.
Your wallet is simple to use. You can easily buy or sell your cryptocurrencies.
A technology at the heart of the creation of crypto-currencies.
Mining, mathematical calculations to create your cryptos and secure your transactions
You have access to all your crypto-currencies and make purchases and sales 24/7.

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Des millions de personnes ont fait des fortunes grâce aux crypto-monnaies.

Achetez et vendez. Vérifiez combien vaut votre bitcoin à partir de cours en temps réel. Calculez combien quels seront vos profits par rapport au cours d’achat.